Life has been happening, as it often does.  I will try to get something written about what has been going on, but for now, here is another old post from my old blog.

When it rains it pours…
June 8, 2009

I had decided back in April that I wanted to study Respiratory Therapy and searched high and low for a training program.  Finally I found one, got all the information about the school and program, went through the application process, secured financial aid and passed my two required interviews with flying colors.  Everything was all set for me to start school today, when all hell broke loose.

The whole mess started on June 1st actually.  My husband’s girlfriend lives with us (this is a source of much stress and unhappiness for me, but at present there is nothing I can do about it) and she drives a car that technically belongs to a dead guy.  The license plates on the car expired at the end of May, and when she went to get the car licensed in her name, she was told that before John died, he signed the title over to her, but he signed it in the wrong place, so she cannot get the car licensed.  She needs a death certificate and proof of his funeral and the whole thing is now tied up in probate, and who knows when it will be resolved.

She can’t drive the car now, since it has expired plates, so I became responsible for taking her back and forth to work every day (the trip to drop her off and come back home and then go pick her up and bring her back home takes two hours).  My husband and I only have one car, so wasting so much time taking her to work makes it difficult to get anything else done since we both need the car.

Anyway, last Wednesday, my husband set out to go do something and managed to get about two blocks from the house when the car died and would not restart.  We had to have it towed to the shop and the next day we found out that in order to fix everything that is wrong with it is going to cost around $1,000.  Two problems with that–we don’t have that much money and the car is not worth putting that much money into.  So, the girlfriend has to ride the bus to work now, my husband is bumming rides to work with co-workers and I missed my mandatory orientation for school.

My husband got paid on Friday and with the little bit of money that we had in our savings account, we will have enough money to replace the fuel pump, the main problem with the car, so that it will run again, but who knows when we will be getting the car back.  So that is one problem solved, but we are still without a car.

Then, out of the blue, Saturday night at work, my husband broke one of his teeth.  Fantastic.  That’s more money we have to come up with now because it hurts him and it needs to come out, but we have no way for him to get to the dentist as we don’t have a car, and we don’t have the money right now.  Crap.

Wait, it gets better.  🙂  Sunday morning, my son was in bed reading when the ear piece fell off his glasses.  It is broken beyond repair.  We tried electrical tape and super glue and the ear piece will not stay on the frame, so now we have to have his eyes examined and buy him a new pair of glasses which takes money that we don’t have because of the dang car and my husbands tooth.  So my son is without glasses right now, my husband is in pain, we are flat broke, and we still don’t have a car.  Oh, and since I was not able to make the orientation for school, I am not going to be able to go, which since I don’t have any way to get there anyway, I guess it’s okay, just upsetting.  Every time  I think something is going to finally work out for me, everything falls apart.  Life sucks sometimes.

Sorry for the whining here.  I’m just frustrated and upset.